Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane Gets Colour Inspiration From An Arthur Galan Top For Her Latest Painting Orca

Contemporary paintings, where does the inspiration come from? Well Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane got her latest colour inspiration from an Arthur Galan top. Yes you heard right, her latest painting “Orca” was a result of fashion.

With Spring amongst us and Summer just around the corner,  the latest spell of heat in Adelaide provided Sarah Jane the perfect opportunity to head outside and get creative on a canvas.  With colour in abundance from Spring, this new painting was going to eminate that energy and a favourite outfit would be the answer to the chosen colour palette. A fabric that had a beautiful blend of colours that streamed and at times blended allowed Sarah Jane to recreate a similar toned affect with inks on a canvas.

The end result was a colourful fun painting with many different shades of colours that represented every spectrum of a rainbow. The colours streamed side by side in a vertical direction within a barrier of black that was the outline of the theme of the painting being Orcas.  As Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane loves abstract concepts, strokes of blue, olive green and taupe where used around the Orcas in an attempt to represent the ocean, plant life and sand respectively. Diving into the depths of the ocean this modern abstract painting is all about nature and things maritime.

This painting had its name changed to Surfs Up. However it has now been painted over and is Titled Whale of a Time. You can still get a print

Take me to a print of Surfs Up