figurative abstract art bodyline series by sarah jane

Figurative Abstract Art – Bodyline Series By Sarah Jane

In 2018 I began a new series of paintings all about figurative abstract art, I titled this Bodyline. The Bodyline series which now also encompassses offshoots series has fast become my signature work.

The inspiration came on the back of 2017 where my collection was all about charcoal lines in a near continual flow. It was here I discovered a love for charcoals and more particularly the figurative side of art.

Wanting to steer away from the detail of 2017 I created the Bodyline series with a loose outline of a figurative nature.

figurative art bodyline series by sarah jane

The Bodyline Series which has extended through to 2020 and is currently at number eleven or XI comprises beautiful soft internal colours with the charcoal outlines. A softer palette of colours is used to add a feminine touch to this series with the use of blues, taupes, greys, brown and pink. A common detail to this figurative art collection.

Each collection piece has a story and has been shaped on individual lives and the different stages of life. With a common thread that each artwork is all about love whether for oneself or for that of another. The connection between people reigns strongly in this series with couples featuring prominently.

Generally the Bodyline series is in a larger format being 150cm x 100cm as I prefer to paint larger pieces, however a number of smaller versions have also been added through commission requests. Steadily increasing in value since its inception with each addition increasing slightly this is a great addition for an art collector.

If you would like your own story depicted in my bodyline series feel free to contact me

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