Interesting Painting for the Art Collector - Double Entendre

Interesting Painting For The Art Collector By Australian Artist Sarah Jane – Double Entendre

This is an interesting painting for the Art Collector. It is a striking and unusual modern abstract painting using an array of colours that compliment each other beautifully.

We have always had a love for things a bit different and this is no exception. Standing at 152cm x 101cm wide this is a piece that will definitely get tongues wagging.

Some people may see one image and others may see another, hence the name Double Entendre, meaning two interpretations. We can see both, but we do not want to give too much away as that is the magic of modern abstract art, there is no right or wrong, everyone understands and interprets the piece in their own manner. As the creator of Sarah Jane Art I just love hearing what people see in my work at times even opening up my eyes to something I hadn’t seen before.

The initial intention for this contemporary artwork though was to be a lose modern figure of an older man, slightly hunched over. We used soft coloured pink to mark his facial features in an attempt to suggest this was a gentle older man and burnt orange and peach spots through the bodyline to mark a sense of spirit still in him. A cooler toned brown was set in the background to bring all the colour tones together in a complimenting fashion.

Definitely one of our favourite pieces we hope you all enjoy this piece as much as I do.

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