The importance of breast checks highlighted in painting by Sarah Jane Australian Artist - Silhouette

Large Painting of a woman fighting breast cancer – Silhouette

1 in 8 women in Australia will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime. Knowing these facts it is important for us all, but inparticular women, to encourage one another to do regular breast checks. Therefore my latest Sarah Jane Art piece is a striking statement piece to highlight this message and get woman talking.

Large Australian Art for a contemporary home by Sarah Jane Australian Artist Titled Silhouete“Silhouette” is a large painting of a woman who is fighting breast cancer and has been painted in honour of a courageous friend of mine who recently was diagnosed, but ultimately it is to honour every woman who has endured that life challenge.

Although the topic is rather heavy, we have tried to keep the painting energised and light remembering the positive message to create awareness and encourage one another to get checked.

We have therefore used a tan background to give this contemporary painting the energy it needs and mixed with white it balances it well to come acoss light and fresh. We have used some black ink to provide a loose silhouette of the female form ensuring her breast outline is prominent making it known that from the outside you would never know what is going on in the inside. The other breast we have used a heavy amount of ink both black with a hint of blue to highlight veins to show a variance.

This is a painting of hope and given its size at 183cm x 122cm it sends a clear message.

We are all likely to know someone that has been affected by this cancer in some way, so remind your friends ladies and look after yourself and to those who have friends who may have a family history getting a check up may be confronting and resonate a lot of fear, so why not book your own check up in for the same day and go together. At least you can go out for lunch after.

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