Abstract Art By Sarah Jane - Tenderness

Modern Art By Abstract Artist Sarah Jane – Original Painting “Tenderness”

If you love contemporary art, this could be the piece for you.

This modern painting called “Tenderness” emits a strong sense of calm and relaxation. A great painting for any room that you want to either turn down the energy levels or continue the peace in a room that you have already created a getaway sanctuary.

With a strong use of dark grey shades throughout the background, a woman can be seen sitting in the middle of the painting in a yoga pose, with her back to the viewer, nursing a young child. As you stare into the  world of this woman, you no doubt want to mimic her. Light greys, whites and beige colours have been used to soften the painting with an element of copper to create some tone and definition to the body shape. Okay yes there is also some mint. I tried to stay neutral, but I couldn’t help myself, I had to add a touch of colour.

And the inspiration for this 122x122cm painting you may ask. Well this one was actually very easy coming after a few in home Yoga sessions with a friend. Sadly however the activity of yoga was a bit of a one hit wonder for me with a few crash bangs after attempting to do a few poses that were clearly beyond my level of expertise. “The Crow”. Yet trying new things had so many positive effects, not only the ability to laugh at myself and my friend but to channel the creation of fresh ideas.  So although the yoga matt is now getting dusty, the result was this amazing trendy painting. And yes I’m glad I painted a normal pose rather than our failed poses, that would not have been pretty!

Completed in March 2017 the original artwork has been sold, however if you are interested in a Glass Print or Framed Print of this piece check out the link below. “Cos Every Home Needs A Sarah Jane”

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