Abstract Art By Sarah Jane - Prima Donna Painting

Modern Art By Australian Artist Sarah Jane – Original Painting “Prima Donna”

Yes okay, I admit it, I have been a little slack with updating my blog with my original works and yes I did do this painting late in 2016 but as they say better late than never.

So this painting was quite out of the ordinary for me as I generally naturally gravitate towards the colourful containers of paint. However, I decided to challenge my instinct with this painting and try some more Neutral colours. More Browns which I generally don’t use a lot of as I can find it a little boring. No offence to Brown lovers out there.

Browns, Coppers, Black and Grey are featured all throughout this 122 x 91cm painting of a woman standing composed and focused as if she is on stage about to sing a famous Opera song.

With a face and hair styled from a 1920’s era this painting contains a lot of grace, charm and class from a by gone era.

This piece is no longer available


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Abstract Art By Artist Sarah Jane - Prima Donna Painting
Abstract Art By Artist Sarah Jane – Prima Donna Painting