Abstract Art By Sarah Jane - United We Stand

Modern Art By Australian Artist Sarah Jane – Original Painting “United We Stand”

So for those of you who are yet to follow my instagram account , I posted a slo mo video of the beginning of this abstract canvas painting 182 x 122cm. Having no idea what direction it would take me in, it began with a watery mix of red paint being splashed onto the white background.

From there I took a black spray can and what unconsciously transpired in front of me was a faint outline of a row of people standing together. Working with this, I added some warm tones of copper, tan and green to give hope and energy to the watery red behind it all. It actually didn’t dawn on me till I had completed the painting that my sub conscious concern of current world news, in particular the attack on Manchester and the stories I had read about the unity and solidarity by the people of Manchester following the attack, was being told through my artwork.

In light of all the sadness, the hope and strength of humanity will always prevail. May you forever be strong Manchurians.

So if you are interested in this piece, check it out on my online shop, or contact me to arrange an appointment for viewing. “Cos Every Home Needs A Sarah Jane”

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