Line Dot Painting Colourful | “AUSTRALIANA I” (152cm x 101cm)


Line Dot Painting Australiana I – A colourful modern abstract painting using lines and dots to highlight all things Australian. The first of the Australiana series Artist Sarah Jane has used beautiful earthy colour tones against cool aqua tones and black inks to create a fish from the oceans of Australia.

  • 152cm x 101cm
  • Rectangular – Landscape
  • Line and Dot Painting – Modern Abstract – Colourful – Fish 
  • Black Pinky-Red Pink Gold Teal  White
  • Ready To Hang
  • Acrylic Paint and Oils on Stretched Canvas 


About Line Dot Painting Australiana I

We just love our homeland of Australia and there is no more fitting way to honour not only the animals of Australia but its landscape, flora and fauna than with a series of Australiana Paintings. A real collectors piece!

This modern abstract painting, Australiana I by Australian Artist Sarah Jane is the first in the series and given Australias history there seemed to be no more fitting way to truly represent everyone than to use lines and dots. The lines represent our multicultural society and early settlers and the dots represent the traditional land owners the Aboriginies honouring their style of artisitic methods.

With the use of beautiful warm earthy colour tones we show off the land of outback Australia and with the cool aqua colour tones we show off the stunning oceanic waters surrounding our island homeland. All these combinations make up Australiana with No 1 showcasing our aquatic animals in the form of a fish.

A striking energetic abstract artwork for the art collector

Where can I view this painting?

Currently on display at The Local Wine Co , 165A King William Road Hyde Park South Australia. If you are in Adelaide, contact us to make an appointment for a viewing. If intertstate or overseas please contact us to book a video call.

Wanna see the making of Australiana I?


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Additional information

Dimensions 101 × 3.8 × 152 cm



152cm x 101cm x 3.6cm

Rectangular – Landscape

Medium Used

Acrylic Paints inks and oils on stretched canvas

Ready to Hang

Yes our paintings will come ready to hang with 2 D rings and a wire between them on the back


All our paintings are originals and will be stamped on the front with a signature on the back


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