Glass Candleholder with Artwork For Children By Sarah Jane “Lambie Id”

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This gorgeous Sarah Jane Candleholder provides a gorgeous artwork that at night can be used as a night light for your children by adding an LED light. Please do not use a tea light with this product for safety reasons. Also please use caution with glassware around children in case of breakage.

The Artwork Decal is applied by hand to a Large Glass Jar that is Gloss White inside which sets a background for the Sarah Jane Art to make a real impact.

Height: 10cm no lid     11cm no lid       Diameter: 9.2cm

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“Cos Every Home Needs A Sarah Jane”

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CANDLEHOLDER:  Every effort is made to ensure our Sarah Jane Art Candleholders look incredible yet slight imperfections may exist as the Artwork Decals are applied by hand. You may see small bubbles, this is normal due to glassware imperfections.

Although the Artworks are water resistant, please keep away from water and only use your Sarah Jane Candeholder for indoor purposes. The Art Decals can be fragile so please handle the Candleholder carefully to ensure they remain affixed.

We suggest due to safety for children to not use tea lights in this candleholder but to use an LED light or perhaps some battery operated small fairy lights inside to lightly illuminate the artwork for your chiwldren.

If you do use as a candleholder please ensure you place the tea light in the centre of the jar and follow the safety instructions on the candle used. As a general note see below warning.

WARNING: Always Remove The Dustcover Lid When Burning A Candle. Always Burn Within Sight. Never Let The Flame Touch The Glass Jar. Keep Away From Things That Catch Fire. Keep Away From Children and Pets. Never Move A Burning Candle, Extinguish and Ensure That Wax Is Solid And Glass Jar Is Cool Before Handling. Ensure Wicks Are Trimmed To 5mm During Use and Each Time Candle Is Relit. Please Refer to Our Guide Herewith Before Lighting Your Candle.

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