Sarah Jane 2016 Collection | HIDDEN TRUTH – Modern Painting Face Colourful (203cm x 126cm)

This is a large contemporary painting by Australian Artist Sarah Jane which depicts the beaten face of a person who is being silenced by the violence inflicted upon them with a covered mouth. The artwork is colourful using solid block colours to show a brightness and resemble the hope of change.

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  • 203cm x 126cm
  • Framed with oak in a clear stain
  • Modern Art Large : Beaten Face using bright colours highlighting issues of Domestic Violence
  • Colours : Lime Green | Blue | Black | White | Pink | Orange
  • Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas 

10% of the sale price on this piece has been donated to White Ribbon Australia in order than we may stamp out violence against women.  

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About Modern Abstract Painting Hidden Truth

One of the magnificent capabilities of Art is the ability it has to immediately tell a story, or in this case raise awareness. Sarah Jane’s Art piece “Hidden Truth ” is doing just that with a financial pledge to a very important cause in which you too can help.

Every year on the 25th of November, our thoughts turn to White Ribbon Day. A day that was declared by the United Nations General Assembly to be an International Day for the elimination of violence against women. A day that we wear a white ribbon as a symbol and oath swearing never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.

Sadly domestic violence is a big problem in our country and it is not limited to any part of society. Even those in high profile careers, who are well educated and well versed in what is acceptable and non acceptable behaviour can be affected by this remaining silent with their scars. This is what inspired me to paint “Hidden Truth,” it was time for Sarah Jane Art to highlight the issue of domestic violence in Australia and raise awareness with a big statement painting standing 203cm tall and 126cm wide.
Block colours were used in bright formats to highlight the hope of change whilst the actual image of a beaten face encompassed the entire canvas. Navy paint was used to cover the mouth in an act of silence depicting the reality that many victims are never heard.

Surrounded by an Oak Frame this painting is an absolute statement piece that would look incredible in a foyer or entrance to a home or office or even a lounge room.

Given we are passionate about helping to break the silence Sarah Jane will donate 10% of the proceeds received on the sale to White Ribbon Australia

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