2017 | UNITED WE STAND (182cm x 122cm)

Large Modern Abstract Painting United We Stand by Australian Artist Sarah Jane is a mix of beautiful strong colours with 4 people standing together to show strength when we unite as one. 


  • 183cm x 122cm
  • Abstract Art : People standing together united with strong colours
  • Colours : Green | Tan | Black | White | Red | Copper
  • Ready To Hang
  • Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas
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This painting called United we Stand a is large modern painting by Artist Sarah Jane from Adelaide that is full of beautiful strong bold colour tones. With rich tan colours together with green that run down the painting in an abstract format the true image of the painting can be seen underneath being a row of people standing in a line eminating strength as they stand in unity.

Copper, black and white tones were used to highlight the people with small hints of red and blue to further add to the vibrancy. With so many issues in todays society this painting shows strength and unity when we stand together as one.


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