Sarah Jane 2018 Collection | BODYLINE III – Modern Painting Couple Embracing (91cm x 91cm)

Modern Painting Figurative Couple Embracing – Bodyline III by Australian Artist Sarah Jane is a contemporary figurative painting of a couple embracing in a cuddle sitting down.  Lose charcoal outline with soft colours internally. 


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Who doesn’t love soft modern art of people. It is calm, beautiful, non offensive and something that you can stare at for hours wondering what the story is.

No 3 in the series of the Bodyline paintings are inspired by you, me, your next door neighbour, your friend, your family etc. It is a painting series or an art of people, about the story of all of us, everyday people and the challenges and triumphs of love.

Bodyline III colour scheme follows on from Bodyline I & II with the same principle that a calm energy has been created by the colour tone. This particular painting is an outline of a couple in love with a man embracing a woman as they sit down. It reflects the latter stages of a relationship when couples will do anything to protect the other. A long term love.

A beautiful family orientated piece


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