Mamamia summer challenge to be proud of your body - Real Woman Painting By Sarah Jane

Real Woman – The Mamamia Summer Challenge To Be Proud Of Your Body

All too often woman all over the country don’t feel comfortable getting in their swimsuit over Summer. The Winter kilos have generally lodged themselves somewhere around our hips, thighs or backside and look unlikley to displace anytime soon. But there is no reason to sit poolside still wearing a dress to cover your figure because the female body is beautiful in all shapes and sizes and lets face it we have come into an age where people, especially women, are so critical of themselves and that needs to change!

So I Sarah Jane, am proud to partake in the Mamamia Summer Challenge to be proud of your body and share a photo of yourself in your Swimsuit. Yes I have hips, flabby arms, a flat backside, stretchmarks, cellulite but so what! It is who I am, I am a real woman and proud of that and you should be too. So I encourage you all ladies to support other women in being body confident and recognise that some women are very critical of themselves so it is important to help them understand just how beautiful they really are.

In support of this Summer Challenge we present the Sarah Jane Abstract Painting “Real Woman”. This is a large painting measuring 152cm wide and 122cm tall and comprises fresh vibrant colours. This is a fun, happy painting that is quite energetic with a woman in her bikini at the beach. The focus of this painting is the womans figure as she lies in the ocean in a position which showcases her body. The confidence she has comes across in the painting as you see her flaunt her body in her trendy Purple bikini being proud of her voluptuous frame.

It is important to lead a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise and good food but for any woman striving for that so called “perfect figure” just remember ladies the term “perfect” is all about perception. What one person deems to be a perfect figure another may not so embrace life, enjoy yourself, be happy and love who you are.