Abstract Art By Artist Sarah Jane of the Twin Towers - Hope Painting

Twin Towers Painting By Artist Sarah Jane called “Hope” features in the Henley Beach SALA Exhibition

With the official launch for SALA at Henley Square scheduled for Monday the 7th of August, there was not much time to come up with a concept for a painting for this event.

With days to go, I found my idea through a dream. Now I can’t say this was a positive dream, in fact it was  people about being caught in a fire. So needless to say I was glad to wake up from this vision, but this, coupled with breaking news stories of arrests in relation to foiled plane attacks here in Australia, led me to think about teh twin towers and that dreaded day September 11 2001 where the world changed forever.

Now although most of my Sarah Jane Artwork is steered via complete imagination and has a highly abstract nature to it creating a lot of vibrancy and positivity, art is not always a tale of positive stories and you only need to look at historical art to see historical events documented using paintings. So I decided to challenge myself and paint something outside the square, something not typical of my works, something with a darker side . This is why this modern painting has been included in the Sarah Jane exhibition in Adelaide “Something Just a Bit Different”,  not for its imagery, but instead for its distinct difference from my usual Sarah Jane Artworks.

In painting a tragic real life event in an abstract format, telling a story of history, I decided to give a little light to such a tragic time. So this Modern Painting “Hope” tells the story of the tragedy that unfolded in relation to the Twin Towers in New York in which so many lives were lost. A day where the world spun into Chaos and will never quite be the same. We have used the heavier darker paints to represent the buildings, being the Twin Towers and have placed one on the horizontal to depict the chaos and tragedy but have left one standing vertical to resemble hope for humanity. That despite all the tragedies that occur, we will never forget, but we will also never give up. We must always have hope that the greater good will prevail and the soft colours of Blues, Greens and White help to add this feature.

Although this concept formed from a dream, we mean no offence to any persons effected by this day and hope to draw strength and provide strength to others, that we can all fight on in the hope of a more united world.

If you are interested in this piece check it out on my online shop, or contact me to arrange a viewing. “Cos Every Home Needs A Sarah Jane”

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