australian artist sarah jane adds ew collection bodyline bold

Australian Artist Sarah Jane Adds New Collection Bodyline Bold Colourful Figurative Art

Australian Artist Sarah Jane has added a new collection for 2020.

No it is not a rumour I can confirm it is true. On the back of the success of the 2018 collection, Bodyline, I am excited to introduce you to Bodyline Bold my 2020, release.

A sister to the Bodyline series my latest collection mirrors the traditional charcoal figurative outlines with the exception of having more bold, bright colours featured in the internal space. As with the original series, the same textures are featured via mixed media and the different stories about people and their life stages continues.

The inspiration to add a sister collection came from the flat year many have had. I wanted to continue the theme about people and their lives but instead of using softer calm colours from the traditional line, I wanted to energise people. So the introduction of bright bold colours seemed like a natural progression.

These more energising pieces provide not only a beautiful visual affect but you can immediately feel their happy nature. Like the Bodyline Series which has steadily increased in value over the years we trust you the art collector will also love our off shoot signature series and if you’d like me to paint your story please get in contact I’d love to hear what has shaped your life.

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sarah jane australian artist showcases bodyline bold collection