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Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane

Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane welcomes you to Adelaide Art Studio, Modern Detail By Sarah Jane. Specialising in LARGE MODERN PAINTINGS | ABSTRACT PRINTS | CONTEMPORARY ART that will visually ignite your senses and capture your emotions with the story behind the art pieces


“Like a moth to the flame since a young age I have always been drawn to colour and things that are different. However, it wasn’t until 2015 that a chance moment combined with a period of time where I was questioning my life direction “my mid life crisis” that lead me to discover a love and passion for the creative realm inparticular painting.

Deciding to take that leap of faith and do a 180 degrees with my life, I left a professional career in pursuit of happiness and launched my new found career and business Modern Detail By Sarah Jane in 2016. With no training or experience behind me, I have gone from an emerging Adelaide Artist, to an established Australian Artist in the market place of modern contemporary art in the last couple of years and I look forward to being recognised further in the coming years, so thank you kindly for taking the time to discover my artwork.

Having sold my works to every State in Australia and overseas I’m humbled that people like yourselves are loving my work and that in itself is my simple philosophy. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it! For me my pieces are something to be enjoyed, not just something to sit on a wall.

Given my love of colour and the pleasure and beauty I experience from things that are different and modern, it is no surprise that the works that I create are typical of who I am and represent what I love. All my works have a contemporary undertone or abstract nature and often are bold statement pieces using either bright bold colours or soft nuturing colours that I hope will have a real impact on you.

It is my ambition and goal to deliver a piece that speaks volumes to you, that evokes an emotional response so that everytime you walk past it you feel an energy. The power of art is magical and everyone deserves to experience a story in the piece that is right for them and fingers crossed I can help you find that story.”

Sarah Jane Art

Our goal is to help you transform the energy within a space for your business or home using Modern Art By Sarah Jane that is generally of an abstract nature.  As we believe the beauty and power of art should be experienced by all we have a range of Sarah Jane Artworks to fit all budgets. If you are a corporate business we are also able to arrange a package for you with a choice of format or mixture of formats.

Modern Paintings

Our most expensive Artwork is typically our Sarah Jane Paintings. They are Original Paintings on canvas and will not be available to be repainted. They are a one off painting. These range in size and price but be quick as once the original is gone only prints will be available.

Whether you’re after a colourful, vibrant piece of art to provide fun and energy to a room or a softer colour palette for a space of tranquillity and peace, we have the perfect Modern Art for your wall and better still we deliver to most countries worldwide. All prices are in Australian Dollars.

Abstract Art Prints | Modern Art Prints

Our entry point is our Sarah Jane Framed Prints. These are ready made frames that come in a choice of black or white. Being smaller at 52cm x 52cm, these look fantastic when grouped in two, three or four prints. Given they are framed art prints they still have that traditional edge to provide artwork that is a little more formal looking.

Glass Prints

Mid range is our Sarah Jane Glass Prints and this is our specialty. The clean lines and reflective nature complement all that is modern in our Artwork By Sarah Jane and we highly recommend considering this format with its polished edges. These come in a range of sizes and you can see what they look like here.

What do they look like hanging on the wall.

Sarah Jane Homewares



Choose between a stunning Sarah Jane Candleholder or a Sarah Jane Candle. The Sarah Jane Art Decals are applied by hand and make for a beautiful decorative art piece for your home during the day and at night, the true magic begins. Our Candles are made from 100% Pure Natural Soy (No blends) and are Handmade in Australia. With the choice of French Vanilla or Coconut and Lime your space will smell amazing in no time. Begin your Sarah Jane Collection today!

Sarah Jane Corporate Gifts

We also make Bespoke Sarah Jane Candles and Candleholders for Restaurants, Bars and Hotels that incorporate a personal touch with your brand name in place of ours. This will not only assist with creating the ambience at your venue but will leave your customers with an experience whilst still subtly branding your business.

Our Bespoke Candle Range also extends to Small Businesses and Corporations wanting to provide a gesture of thanks to their clients by the way of a corporate gift. We are able to provide a personal message on the front together with your logo. No matter what your business requires we can cater to it selecting and creating the right Sarah Jane Artwork to translate the energy and colour scheme you are after. As these are bespoke you will need to email us your requirements to ensure we provide the perfect piece to enhance your brand.

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