Trendy Art By Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane – “New Life” Painting Is All About Family

Another large canvas painting by Artist Sarah Jane, standing 183cm tall and 122cm wide that is cool, funky and a must for your wall!

Now, this abstract painting is all about love and family, with a pregnant woman seen leaning on a tree while overlooking her two children playing in the foreground. We wanted to create a soft,  happy energy with this one given family is so important and we achieved this by using soft pastel colours being pink, purple and aqua. The Title New Life was chosen given the woman is pregnant and symbolises new beginnings as a new life will soon enter the world.

Now you may think it rare for an Artist to paint a pregnant woman and I would have to agree with you. I don’t believe I have seen too many, if any paintings of this nature, but given my current age I seem to be surrounded by the reality of it and what a beautiful reality it is. ¬†There is so much fun, excitement and love surrounding pregnancy that I couldn’t help but carry that through into the fictional world of art.

We hope that you too will find the beauty in this painting and if you are interested in this piece check it out on my online shop, or contact me to arrange a viewing. “Cos Every Home Needs A Sarah Jane”

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