Abstract Art By Sarah Jane - Reaching Out

Trendy Art By Adelaide Artist Sarah Jane – “Reaching Out” Painting Is Ready For A New Home

This was one of my very first pieces that I painted for my own home and after having this on my wall for over a year, I’m ready to let someone else enjoy its beauty and intrigue.

This large canvas painting was initially supposed to be strokes of random bright colour, however as it ends up with most of my paintings, I start to see images or outlines unfold that I then tend to work with.  I recall on this one using a spatula to smear white paint in different directions and as I did a woman kneeling, but reaching upwards, started to unfold before me. It seemed natural to then paint a man likewise reaching down, as if the two had experienced something during life that was causing them to collude together with support and love. Hence the title, Reaching Out was born.

Although this painting has all the colours of the rainbow present surrounding the image of the couple, the use of a mixture of more pastel colours within the bolder bright colours helps to balance each other and ultimately give this modern painting a vibrant yet soft, calming energy.

I will be sad to see this trendy artwork leave my home given its sentimental value in kick starting my career as an Emerging Artist in Australia, but it is time for this 185 x 122cm painting that has been framed in Oak and stained white to be appreciated by a new home.

If you are interested check it out on my online shop, or contact me to arrange an appointment for viewing. “Cos Every Home Needs A Sarah Jane”

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