Woohoo! You just made the brilliant decision to check out my Modern Art Gallery, Modern Detail By Sarah Jane, full of designer art, so thank you, mwah mwah. 

To my worldwide contemporary art collectors, I absolutely welcome you with warm open arms. Here you will find different artworks, statement artworks, powerful artworks to add to your collections created by me, Sarah Jane Adelaide Artist. Each year I create a new collectable art series of contemporary figurative art, with my signature series being my Bodyline Range. But I still delve into traditional abstract to keep the fun and creative spirit alive in my work.

To those just here for a nosey and to find out who Australian Artist Sarah Jane is, my love extends to you too. Lets inspire you to seize the intoxicating energy of colourful modern abstract art!

So to all of you, buckle in and get ready to visually ignite your senses and connect with the story from my large original modern paintings both figurative abstract and traditional abstract. Lets find your story.

And yes if you want to find out more about my cheeky playful self, head on over to my bio.

Now lets shop, Cos Every Home Needs A Sarah Jane!

2016 – Traditional Abstract

2017 – Linear Series

2018 – Bodyline Series

2019 – Australiana Series & Pollination Series

2020 – Bodyline Bold Series

2021 – Linear Noir Series

2022 – We Are One Series & Body Bloom Series