Australian Artist Sarah Jane welcomes you to her Modern Abstract Art Studio, Modern Detail By Sarah Jane. Specialising in LARGE MODERN PAINTINGS | ABSTRACT PRINTS | CONTEMPORARY ART that will visually ignite your senses and capture your emotions with the story behind the art pieces. We welcome you to make an appointment to visit our studio.

To the Art Collectors in my homeland of Australia and those around the World who have added my modern art to their collection, I thank you.

To those who are discovering my work I welcome you.

As a modern Artist my philosophy is simple….I believe Art is a powerful medium to ignite the senses, to tell a story and create a response. Everyone deserves to to find a piece that connects with them and hopefully one of my pieces speaks volumes to you.

All of my work is contemporary and I prefer painting larger formats. Although I like to experiment with styles and not be held to conformity my signature work is my BODYLINE series. Stunning pieces comprising a lose format of a body outline in charcoal with mixed media paints inside the boundaries.

XOX Sarah Jane, Modern Abstract Artist