australian contemporary artist sarah jane

Modern Abstract Artist Sarah Jane

With no training or experience behind me, I have gone from an emerging Adelaide Artist, to an established Australian Artist in the market place of modern contemporary art in the last couple of years and I look forward to being recognised further in the coming years, so thank you kindly for taking the time to discover my artwork.

Having sold my works to every State in Australia and overseas I’m humbled that people like yourselves are loving my work and that in itself is my simple philosophy. If you don’t love it, don’t buy it! For me my pieces are something to be enjoyed, not just something to sit on a wall.

Given my love of colour and the pleasure and beauty I experience from things that are different and modern, it is no surprise that the works that I create are typical of who I am and represent what I love. All my works have a contemporary undertone or abstract nature and often are bold statement pieces using either bright bold colours or soft nuturing colours that I hope will have a real impact on you.

It is my ambition and goal to deliver a piece that speaks volumes to you, that evokes an emotional response so that everytime you walk past it you feel an energy. The power of art is magical and everyone deserves to experience a story in the piece that is right for them and fingers crossed I can help you find that story.”

Modern Abstract Paintings

Beautiful modern abstract paintings that are original pieces and often part of a series. Although smaller sizes are available Sarah Jane prefers to work in larger formats to order to provide more of a statement.

Abstract Art Prints | Modern Art Prints

If you love the traditional look of a frame, you’ll love our ready made framed prints. Affordable artwork that comes in a range of small to medium sizes to provide the flexibility of arrangements on your wall. With the choice of 3 colours and sizes the options are endless.

Glass Prints

Sarah Jane Glass Prints are a magnificent choice if you are after an ultra modern effect and something just a little bit different. The clean lines and reflective nature of glass complement all that is modern in our Artwork. With the illusion that it floats off the wall,  we highly recommend considering this format with its polished edges. Check out our blog for more information.

What do they look like hanging on the wall.