australian contemporary artist sarah jane

Modern Abstract Artist

Modern Abstract Artist Sarah Jane

I was secretly hoping you’d stop past to find out more about me, Sarah Jane Modern Abstract Artist from Adelaide, Australia. 

A cheeky, Fun Artist who just loves getting messy with on trend colours to create huge soulful modern artworks with a design edge.


As you step into my world, you will discover that each Original Painting I create carries with it a stylish, contemporary format that contains a piece of my heart and soul. I pour every ounce of my charismatic fun spirit into my paintings and it’s my aspiration for us both to:

Breathe in The Colour   

Connect With The Story

Change The World One Painting At A Time

Breathe In The Colour

For me, its important to refer the right energy to a painting. Not only through the energy I imprint on each piece from my heart and soul, but through colour.

With each colour capable of sparking an emotional response to influence our mood, I say Breathe in the colour, breathe in that energy! 

To achieve that right balance of energy, I never force myself to paint. Instead, I take to a canvas when inspiration and creativity take a hold. Often nature stimulates that flair of expressionism. You can therefore repeatedly find me outdoors, painting the next modern art original for my collectors around the globe.  

Sarah Jane Abstract Artist from Adelaide Australia

Connect With The Story

Now did I mention that I love painting BIG modern abstract artworks! Yes painting oversized art allows my spirit to shine.

In short, it permits me to create a real statement artwork that draws your attention immediately, capturing your senses with a stunning visual experience.

However, I want you to experience more than just beauty. I want you to feel the story behind the strokes of paint. Moreover, I want to take you on an emotional, connective journey with my arts powerful story. After all a piece that resonates with us reminds us just how alive we are.

Change The World One Painting At A Time

Although I still love painting abstract, I have over the years gravitated more towards figurative modern art.

Why figurative modern art? Firstly because I love all things stylish and on trend, but secondly because you all fascinate me!

We all have a story that deserves to be heard.  It’s our stories which allow us all to connect and create change and this is what drives me every day. 

I invite you to come with me on this journey to a kinder world which I harness in my work, intentionally always attempting to create a positive spin to a story.

So lets change the world one painting at a time through colour, energy and story.

Sarah Jane Abstract Artist from Adelaide Australia

Now if you too want to invest in a Sarah Jane original painting like my beautiful collectors from my homeland of Australia or my fabulous UK and US collectors, make sure you get in quick! My original Modern Abstract Artworks increase yearly and often by piece.

So, Lets find a story that connects with you!