2022 | WE ARE ONE I | Abstract People Painting Pink and Green | (152cm x 101cm)


Add a some soft femininity to your space with We are One I. An Abstract People Painting Pink and Green about the unity of freedom. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane.

  • 152cm x 101cm
  • Inclues Oak Frame 155cm x 104cm
  • Painted 2022 | Sold 2022
  • Contemporary People Painting Green and Pink
  • Pink Green White Tan Black Yellow Grey
  • Impasto with Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas


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About We are One I – Abstract People Painting Pink and Green

This is it! The very first of my new series, We are One. Plus, for a limited only this series comes with a FREE oak frame as a thank you to my collectors for your support.

Each year I like to create a new collection. For 2022 I’m excited to introduce a brand new series about society and our connection with nature.  A collection about peoples common bond and primal need regardless of background for the great outdoors.

One thing that became evident around the world the last few years is that humanity is bonded by the love of freedom. Australians, like many around the world stayed inside for the greater good of humanity while covid circulated. Yet the lack of connection with nature and each other saw a deep sense of unhappiness within people.  Time apart from our natural desires intensified the desire to be one again with nature and we have seen a shift in peoples behaviour as a result.

We now tend to really see nature and appreciate all its forms. We now value dancing in the sun, swimming in the lake, climbing that mountain, creating sandcastles at the beach. Although our connection with nature was always there it has deepened. We are not only one with nature but we are one with each other. As humans our need to be outside is something we are all commonly bonded by. Yes We are One!

In this series, I have captured the essence of nature in the abstract form of colour rather than a depiction of natures objects. The intention is for colour to represent the sea, sky, mountains, sunsets, trees, flowers, parks etc.  This then allows for the people to shine through in the piece with colour representing what aspects of nature are important to them.

Now you understand the basis behind the series lets chat about No 1 of the series.We are One I comprises a beautiful blend of soft femininity as the visual hits your eye. Instantly you will feel warmth and a calm relaxed energy as people have fun amongst each other. With the pale green and dusty pink division representing our parks and sunsets, the abstract figures emerge in many shapes, sizes and positions enjoying their surroundings. A subtle mix of similar shades to the background provide an appealing design.

With layers of textured paint, a beautifully balanced piece comes to life representing the fulfilled hearts we have when our primal instincts of being social beings outdoors is met.

As a thank you to my collectors I will be providing a FREE Oak frame for a limited time only! So reap the rewards and be one of the first to collect this gorgeous new series.


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152cm x 101cm x 3.6cm

Medium Used

Impasto and Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas

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Yes our paintings will come ready to hang with 2 D rings and a wire between them on the back


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