2019 | LINEAR VIII in Birch Frame | Line Art Painting Womans Back – Black White Inks

Ah yes lets sit down and relax with Linear VIII. A small Birch effect Framed Line Art Painting womans back. With black and white inks this woman is recharging with alone time. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane 

  • 72cm x 52cm Birch effect Frame with Off White Matt – Glass Insert
  • 50cm x 40cm Canvas 1mm Depth
  • Painted 2019
  • Line Art Womans Body
  • Charcoal and black whites inks on Canvas


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About Linear VIII in Birch Frame | Line Art Painting Womans Back Black White Inks

An Original Sarah Jane Painting of a womans back called Linear VIII. This is a very trendy black and white painting using ink, oils and charcoals. The dark outline of a woman sitting down and facing away facing away is the focal point with neutral interior. The painting is housed in a birch frame that is 52cm x 72cm with glass not perspex.


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