Modern Figurative Painting Couple Lying Down | BODYLINE VI (152cm x 101cm)


Bodyline VI a modern figurative painting couple lying down, cocooned in love. A romantic painting that cradles eternity. By Sarah Jane Australian Artist.

  • 152cm x 101cm
  • Love story Painting Womans head on mans chest
  • Blue  Grey  White  Pink  Taupe
  • Charcoal Drawing with Acrylic Paints and Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas
  • Ready To Hang
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About Bodyline VI – Modern Figurative Painting Couple Lying Down

“Bodyline VI” invites us into an intimate moment—a sanctuary where two souls lie intertwined, their love a quiet symphony. This romantic painting captures the tenderness of a couple lying down together, their hearts aligned.

Within a charcoal outline, they recline—a man and a woman. His chest becomes her pillow; her head rests there, finding solace. Its a sign of comfort and a pause from life’s chaos.

With the curve of a shoulder blade, we feel the weight of their connection—the trust that allows them to rest in each other’s arms. Their breaths sync, and time slows. No longer are they newly formed; instead, they’ve weathered years together. Their love is devoted, enduring.

Cocooned in love this calming yet romantic painting breathes a softness and awaits a place on your wall. Hang it where love resides—a reminder of the beauty found long term love.

    • Blue Grey: The calm strength of their bond.
    • White: Purity and unity.
    • Pink: The blush of intimacy.
    • Taupe Brown: Earthiness and stability.
    • Coral: The warmth of shared breaths.

Where can I view this painting?

Currently on display at Modern Detail By Sarah Jane, Malvern  South Australia. If you are in Adelaide, contact us to make an appointment for a viewing. If interstate or overseas please contact us to book a video call.

The Making of Bodyline VI


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152cm x 101cm x 3.6cm

Medium Used

Acrylic Paints and Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

Ready to Hang

Yes our paintings will come ready to hang with 2 D rings and a wire between them on the back


All our paintings are originals and will be stamped on the front with a signature on the back


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Please allow 2 days for packing and 10 days for delivery. All paintings will be sent via courier.

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