2018 | DISTANCE | Modern Figurative Painting Two People Sitting Back to Back

Add that feminine touch to your space with the gorgeous Distance Painting. A Modern Figurative painting two people sitting back to back. Soft pink Grey and white. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane. 

  • 90cm x 59cm
  • Painted 2018 | Sold 2018
  • Modern Figurative Artwork Couple sitting back to back
  • Acrylic Paint on Stretched Canvas
  • White Pink Grey Black



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About Distance Modern Figurative Painting Two People Sitting Back to Back

An Original Sarah Jane Painting for your wall called Distance. This is a very soft painting with grey white and pink, yet it is a complete contradiction from the image you see. In a usual abstract modern nature by Sarah Jane this is a small painting that has a black outline of two people back to back that are having difficulty seeing eye to eye. Inside the figure are swirls of grey pink and white that highlight the chaos it puts on us and the stress that results when people don’t communicate. Hence the name of the painting distance. This Sarah Jane Artwork would look great on a mantle or small area that needs a feminine touch.


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