2016 | OWN STRIDE | Modern Painting Bright Woman Hippy Dress

For woman who march to the beat of their own drum you’ll love Own Stride. An energising modern painting bright woman hippy dress red hair. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane

  • 182cm x 122cm
  • Painted 2016 | Sold 2016
  • Modern Painting Bright Woman Hippy Dress Red Hair
  • Yellow Orange Green White
  • Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas


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About Modern Painting Bright Woman Hippy Dress

A mass of energetic, bold primary colours grace this modern painting of a bright woman in a hippy dress. You can feel her care free spirit shine. She stands strong in her green hippy dress proud to be different and proud to be confident in herself. Her firey red hair commands your attention in this statement artwork.


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