2016 | REACHING OUT | Huge Modern Abstract Painting Woman Comforting Man Fresh Colours

Did you say you want something big! This is it Reaching Out is a huge modern abstract painting of a woman comforting a man. Beautiful fresh colours By Australian Artist Sarah Jane

  • 187cm x 126cm framed
  • Painted 2016 | Sold 2018
  • Framed with oak with a white stain
  • Huge Modern Abstract Painting Woman comforting man soft colours
  • Aqua  Blue Grey  White  Pink  Orange
  • Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas 

ORIGINAL PAINTING NOW SOLD! Lets get you a fine art print Reaching Out I instead

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About Reaching Out Huge Modern Abstract Painting Woman Comforting Man

This stunning painting is a perfect addition to any art collection with its simple and pure message about love and support.

A man is standing in grey and the woman kneeling down in white reaching out to him to support him and show love as they navigate through lifes experiences. The kneeling position shows the nuturing softer side of women.

With a positive happy energy the soft colours provide a sense of calm in a room thus making this piece perfect for the bedroom. A sweeping range of cool and warm tones hit the background that not only blends in with one another but also provides a layering with splashes of paint. Blues Greys and Pinks feature prominently in this on trend masterpiece!


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