Small Framed Painting | Abstract Bright Colours “REENGAGE III” (72 x 52cm)


Small Framed Painting Abstract Bright Colours – By Australian Artist Sarah Jane Titled Reengage III.  A symbol of peoples excitement to get back to life as we once knew it as lockdown restrictions ease in the era of Corona Virus

  • 72cm x 52cm Birch Frame with Off White Matt – Perspex Insert
  • 50cm x 40cm Canvas 1mm Depth
  • Modern Abstract painting colourful
  • Pink   Yellow    Orange    Blue    Green    Grey    White    Taupe
  • Ready To Hang
  • Acrylic Paint and inks on Canvas 


About Abstract Painting Reengage III

An Original Sarah Jane Framed Painting for your wall called Reengage III.

Part of a recent collection this is number III of the series and has changed down in size from No I and II to provide a more formal art approach by being framed. The canvas is housed in a birch frame that is 52cm x 72cm with perspex.

This piece is full of fun and energy with its bright colours and abstract nature and follows on from the story of No I and II with energy running parallel with how society is currently feeling about the easing of lockdown restrictions. Pure elation.

We have used our ususal modern abstract format with an array of colour from the spectrum.  Inks have been used where bright energy is required in the form of yellow pink and orange. Layering over the inks is softer acrylic paints with the cooler tones of green blue and grey. White has finished the painting, covering in long strokes over the painted areas in a random manner to soften the painting and slow the excitement of the pops of brighter colours. Again, a deliberate act as we too need to slow our excitment and not get carried away as we still have a long road ahead.

With no. 4 and 5 on the way they provide a great mix and match style of artwork with the different sizes and frame colours which is currently on trend in a collage style of wall.

Where can I view this painting?

Currently on display at Modern Detail By Sarah Jane, Malvern  South Australia. If you are in Adelaide, contact us to make an appointment for a viewing. If intertstate or overseas please contact us to book a video call.

Wanna See the Making Of This Painting?


Please be aware that these canvases are made from a thin board and therefore have a tendency to bend however every effort has been made to ensure they are affixed well to the matt behind the frame.

Please ensure you use the appropriate wall fixings for the weight of the artwork.


Please note the images provided are for design purposes only and are not necessarily to scale. We recommend you measure out the painting size on your wall to ensure it will fit your space appropriately.


These images and the artworks themselves being prints or originals are protected by copyright. A sale of the item doesn’t mean that the copyright has been handed over to you. These images can’t be copied, distributed (scanned and sent) or publicly displayed (online or anywhere), or created derived works from these images without prior permission from Modern Detail by Sarah Jane. Copyright violations may be punishable as criminal offenses with heavy penalties.

Additional information


Bright Yellow
Bright Orange
Hot Pink
Emerald Green

Canvas Size

50cm x 40cm with a depth of 1mm

Medium Used

Acrylic Paints and inks on canvas

Ready To Hang



Due to the size of the painting the Artists initials will appear on the front with a signature on the back


We have FREE DELIVERY within Australia. For international deliveries please see cart totals.

Please allow 2 days for packing and 10 days for delivery. All paintings will be sent via courier.

Year Painted



72cm x 52cm Birch coloured Frame that has a depth of 25mm approx and a face of 15mm approx.

The canvas painting is 50cm x 40cm and has an off white matt mounted on top. Together they sit inside the frame providing an elegant and contemporary presentation of the artwork.

Please note this has perspex insert not glass



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