2019 | TIME ON MY HANDS II White Framed Painting Mother Son Holding Hands


Fill your room with the love of family painting Time on My Hands II. A small White Framed Painting mother and son. Let the soft blue and tan colours charm your wall. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane 

  • 72cm x 52cm White Frame with Off White Matt – Glass Insert
  • 50cm x 40cm Canvas 1mm Depth
  • Painted 2019
  • Modern Abstract family painting mum and son holding hands
  • Tan White Blue
  • Acrylic Paint on Canvas

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About Time on My Hands II White Framed Painting Mother and Son Holding Hands

An Original Sarah Jane Framed Painting family for your wall called Time on My hands II. This is a very relaxing calm painting with beautiful blues tones marking the people in it who are family. The background is full of soft neutral tones being tan, browns and whites mixed and melded. This is all about the time we spend with family that it is timeless and priceless.  The painting is housed in a white frame that is 52cm x 72cm with glass not perspex. You may want to match this painting with Time on my hands I, they make a great pair.


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Canvas Size

50cm x 40cm with a depth of 1mm

Medium Used

Acrylic Paints on canvas

Ready To Hang



Due to the size of the painting the Artists initials will appear on the front with a signature on the back


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72cm x 52cm White Frame that has a depth of 35mm approx and a face of 18mm approx.

The canvas painting is 50cm x 40cm and has an off white matt mounted on top. Together they sit inside the frame providing an elegant and contemporary presentation of the artwork.

To ensure our Artwork looks its best we use glass inside our frames not perspex. Glass provides a superior finish to perspex and is much easier to clean. We do however understand that some prefer perspex as glass can be fragile and break. Please contact us if you would prefer this and we can provide a custom order at the same price.