2017 | UNCONDITIONAL LOVE | Abstract Painting Woman Child Blue Tones

Add some funk to your space with Unconditional Love. An abstract painting woman child in spirited blue tones. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane

  • 182cm x 91cm
  • Painted 2017  |  Sold 2017
  • Abstract Artwork Woman Child Blue Tones
  • Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas
  • Blue  Green  White   Grey   Black


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About Unconditional Love – Abstract Painting Woman Child Blue Tones

Time to add some vitality to your space? Lime Green and electric blue are the perfect tones to add that fresh burst of energy. These two fun colours make up the cool abstract painting Unconditional Love.

If you look closely you will see a woman off to the right. Surrounded by beautiful tropical waters she sits side on to the viewer. Her knees are bent upright as she leans forward supporting a child.  Subdued colours have been used for the figure, as she is one to easily be overlooked. She is not one to draw attention to herself and remains happy sitting with her child in the seas


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Dimensions 00 cm