2017 | TENDERNESS | Modern Painting Woman Nursing Baby

Is your heart bursting with motherly love? Tenderness is a modern painting woman nursing a baby.  Soft minty mints amongst neutral colours. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane

  • 122cm x 122cm
  • Painted 2017
  • Modern Painting Mum and Baby
  • Grey Bronze  Mint  White  Taupe
  • Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas



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About Tenderness Modern Painting Woman Nursing Baby

For those that family is the pinnacle of their life, look no further than Tenderness. A beautiful soft modern painting honouring the bond between mum and baby.

This contemporary painting of a mum and baby is Titled Tenderness. The name itself suggests thoughts of gentleness, kindness which is true to the concept of the painting. This piece is all about a sense of calm and great for a space where you want the energy levels turned down.

With a strong use of dark grey shades throughout the background, a woman can be seen sitting in the middle. She sits cross legged with her back to the viewer, nursing a young child on the right. As you stare into the world of this woman, you can feel her sense of peace and complete contentment.  Motherhood has balanced her life.

Dreamy greys, cotton whites and mellow beige tones have been used to soften the painting.  An element of copper shines through the figure to create some tone and definition to the body shape. Spearmint green is the final element to the artwork lifting the painting so we understand how enlightened the womans soul is.


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