2022 | BODY BLOOM VII | Black Canvas Painting Abstract Couple Sitting Kissing | (125cm x 94cm)


Every story has a beginning and with Body Bloom VII it all started with a kiss! A stunning black canvas painting abstract figurative of a couple sitting kissing. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane.

  • 122cm x 91cm
  • Black Frame included 125cm x 94cm x 4.5cm
  • Painted 2022 | Sold 2023
  • Black Canvas Painting Couple Sitting Kissing
  • Acrylic Paints and Impasto on Stretched Canvas
  • Black Blue Yellow Magenta Pink White Green


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About Body Bloom VII – Black Canvas Painting Abstract Figurative Couple Kissing Sitting

Introducing the new cousin to my Bodyline Series, I welcome you to explore Body Bloom.

A series that exudes a sense of elegance and sophistication with the use of a darkened canvas. Providing the perfect background the spotlight then reflects to the figurative nature of the series. A series that explores the nature of growth within ourselves and our relationships as we develop and bloom. A time when we come into full beauty and health, when we flourish.

The seventh of the series is a beautiful story of a blossoming romance that started with a kiss. A story that starts in ones youth with a boy being swept away by a beautiful girl in class. The two become inseparable, making big promises for a future life.

Ring a bell?? Okay yes that part is reminiscent of the 80s hit song by Hot Chocolate. Come on you know you remember it, it is a classic!

Well, as catchy as the beginning of the song is, that is where our story departs from the song. For this story is actually based on a real life love story…….and it may also be your love story.

It’s a time when after a youthful romance, you are pulled in opposite directions as life moves you in different circles. However with an undeniable connection and a forever thought of the other in your heart, your paths cross again.  With the universe pulling you together, those childhood promises of marriage are just around the corner.

Yes, this is actually the love story of a friend of mine who even still to this day has the childhood letters they wrote in class. Who else has goosebumps right now? With a ring on the finger and beautiful children gracing their lives sometimes you just know when its meant to be.


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122cm x 91cm x 3cm

with Black Frame

125cm x 94cm x 4.5cm

Rectangular, Landscape

Medium Used

Acrylic Paints and Impasto on Stretched Canvas

Ready to Hang

Yes our paintings will come ready to hang with 2 D rings and a wire between them on the back


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