2020 | BODYLINE IV (152cm x 101cm)


When all you need is love look no further than Bodyline IV. A modern figurative painting couple lying side by side. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane.  

  • 152cm x 101cm
  • People Art: Couple Lying Side by Side
  • Charcoal drawing with Acrylic Paints and Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas
  • Blue Grey White Pink Taupe

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About Bodyline IV

Who doesn’t love soft modern paintings of people. It is calm, beautiful non offensive and something that you can stare at for hours wondering what the story is.

The Bodyline series of paintings are inspired by you, me, your next door neighbour, your friend, your family etc. It is a painting series or an art of people, about the story of all of us, everyday people and the challenges and triumphs of love.

Painted in 2020, Bodyline IV is a continuation of the series from 2018 and is a style of painting that Sarah Jane has become known for with Art Collectors around the world adding this series to their collection pieces.

The fourth in this series, this modern abstract painting is a very trendy, stylish painting that mixes charcoal with acrylic paints and other media to provide a slightly textured outcome.

Bodyline IV, like Bodyline II and III, is also focused on the love between a couple. A woman can be seen on the side of a man cuddling into him with a gentle soft presence. She is slim and meek and nuturing her head on his shoulder as a sign of adoration.

The man holds a strong presence in this painting, taking up more than an equal share of the canvas in a show of mightiness and brut strength. For although many families these day hold equal rank this man has a sense of pride about being the protector of his love and family.

Beautiful soft pastel colours mark the couples body giving a soft, calm aura. Shades of blue are prominent within the painting with accents of pink, taupe and grey to compliment one another.


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Additional information

Dimensions 101 × 3.8 × 152 cm

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