2020 | BODYLINE BOLD II (182cm x 122cm)


Figurative Painting  – Bodyline Bold II by Australian Artist Sarah Jane is an energetic abstract painting of people with a central female figure.  Loose charcoal outline with bright colours internally. 

  • 183cm x 122cm
  • People Art : Woman with people surrounding her
  • Charcoal Drawing with Acrylic Paints and Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas
  • Blue  Grey  White  Pink  Taupe Green Orange Lime yellow

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This is an original Sarah Jane painting that is all about people. Following on from my Bodyline Series, I have created a new offshoot series with this piece being the second of the series.

Using the same format, a charcoal outline of loose figures is used with the exception of using bright bold colours internally rather than the softer colours of the traditional bodyline collection. This new collection called Bodyline Bold adds a little more energy to a space for those colour lovers out there.

Marking the second of the series, this piece has a clear central figure of a strong beautiful woman. She is bursting with fresh colours and is clearly the female lead and connection between all the people surrounding her. A collection of people standing slightly behind her can be seen in more subtle tones all leaning on one another again as a show of close connection but not to detract from the main focus of the colorful woman. A woman who represents energy and inspiration for others who supports and cares for those around her.

The inspiration of this painting was based on all the incredible roles women play and their central importance. In particular this painting was commissioned with the the role of family in mind providing unity love and comfort.

For others however the connection may be the role women play amongst friends providing guidance and support and for others again it may be the role they play at work being a leader and encouraging others.

All this positive energy is transferred through the paints with the use of bright lime yellow and pinks. I have used these against the greys and blues using the traditional messy concept of mixed media paints that are seen in the traditional Bodyline Collection.


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Lime Yellow


183cm x 122cm x 3.6cm

Rectangular, Landscape

Medium Used

Acrylic Paints and Mixed Media on Stretched Canvas

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