2017 | UNITED WE STAND | Huge Abstract Painting People Standing Together As One – Colourful

Feel the power of people when we come together in United we Stand. A Huge Abstract Painting People Standing Together As One. Bold Colours. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane. 

  • 183cm x 122cm
  • Painted 2017 | Sold 2018
  • Abstract Painting People standing together united as one
  • Green  Tan Black White Red Copper
  • Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas

ORIGINAL PAINTING NOW SOLD! Lets get you a Fine Art Print United We Stand I Instead. 


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About United We Stand – Huge Abstract Painting People Standing Together As One

What a statement piece United we Stand is! You can really feel the power of this eye catching painting as soon as the huge canvas hits your vision.

A beautiful strong colour palette has been a deliberate tool to emphasize the weight of the message with this abstract painting. Shimmering cooper and a shadowy black, highlight four people standing together. Over the top, vasts amounts of crisp white and mint cover the people as a sign of positivity. Rich tan and brave green run down the painting yet still the figures are pronounced.   

The strength of people when they stand together as one is clearly visible in this painting. Close together in stance, the force of the human spirit grows and good shines through.

The inspiration for this painting came days after the Manchester Bombings of 2017. As the devastating news reverberated around the world, stories of strength and courage came to light. Through tragedy the people of Manchester banded together with a common cause to help their fellow Manchurians. It was so moving to see the unity and solidarity by the people following the attack.  This beautiful sense of unison I have captured in my painting United We Stand.

The perfect artwork to represent the good in humanity! That despite tragedy, the community and the world came together to support one another.

In light of all the sadness, the hope and strength of humanity will always prevail. May you forever be strong Manchurians.


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