2017 | LINEAR III | Line Art Drawing Woman at Beach

Where on trend meets classic. Linear III is a trendy line art drawing  woman at beach facing the ocean. Near continual lines using charcoal. 

  • 122cm x 91cm
  • Painted 2017 | Sold 2018
  • Line Art Drawing woman at the beach facing ocean
  • Charcoal and acrylic paint on Stretched Canvas
  • Black and White

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About Linear III Line Art Drawing Woman at Beach

Linear III painting By Sarah Jane is very modern, cool and has a New York Style about it. In keeping with the theme of the Linear Art Collection, this painting uses charcoal and white paint providing a very simplistic style in which the charcoal is used to outline a woman standing at the beach. Using continual lines this woman faces the ocean in her swimsuit and has an air of elegance and class  as she watches the sunset. So if you are after a piece that is different with intrigue and yet simple enough to blend with current style of home furnishings this is your piece.  


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