2016 | WANDERERS | Modern Abstract Painting Tribal People

Calling all pink lovers, you won’t be able to get enough of Wanderers. A fun modern abstract painting tribal people in outback Australia. By Australian Artist Sarah Jane 

  • 187cm x 126cm
  • Framed in oak with a clear stain
  • Painted 2016 | Sold 2018
  • Huge Modern Abstract Painting Tribal People walking in Outback Australia
  • Pink  Peach White  Marrone  Grey
  • Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas

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About Wanderers Modern Abstract Painting Tribal People

Who doesn’t love the colour pink? Even the boys these days are becoming well attuned to the gorgeous aspects it has to offer with its alluring soft nature. Given it is my favourite colour, it seemed fitting to do a large pink painting and this one I have named “Wanderers” probably for the very obvious reason.

Depicting two people in my normal modern abstract format, they can be seen walking through the outback of Australia following one another as they stride along. But why the pink background? Well for those who are not familiar with Australia, we are blessed with amazing pink sunsets in the summer skies. Apart from pink we have used some other soft colours being light grey and peach to compliment the pink and bring a soft feminine touch to the piece.

This is a very happy painting that provides a lot of positive calm energy and measures 187cm x 126cm which includes a beautiful oak frame to finish off the piece. So if you are looking for a large artwork this Sarah Jane Painting may be the one you.


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