Sarah Jane 2017 Collection | REGAL – Modern Painting Gentleman drinking whiskey (182cm x 122cm)

Sarah Jane Painting (Year 2017)

Regal – SOLD

A modern painting gentleman drinking whiskey using part paint and part charcoals. This is a very striking painting that holds much intrigue.  The man appears suave and regal yet the strokes of red paint passing his face and body indicate there may be more to this man than meets the eye that he is part of an underground gentlemans club.


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Size: 182cm x 122cm                   

Weight: 6kg     


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Additional information

Timber Frame around Canvas

Canvas as is NO FRAME, Thin Oak Frame with black stain, Thin Oak Frame with clear stain, Thin Oak Frame with white stain

Delivery and Installation

Collect from Exhibition Venue in Adelaide, Delivery Only