Line Art Painting | Gentleman “LINEAR I” (152cm x 122cm)


Large Modern Painting Linear I – Contemporary line art painting in charcoal with white background. Suave Gentleman 1920s By Australian Artist Sarah Jane.

  • 152cm x 122cm
  • Linear Art of a Gentleman from the 1920s
  • Black White
  • Ready To Hang
  • Charcoal Drawing with Acrylic White Paint Background on Stretched Canvas 


This is an original Sarah Jane painting that is a modern painting of a gentleman named Linear I using Line Art techniques. This was the first painting in the Linear range and currently the last one left. It has been so popular it sparked another 7 in the series which have all sold.

This range definitely stirs conversation as shapes and linear lines provide not just a different medium of artwork, but also illustrate unusual images.

Inspired by the 1920’s era where traditions and values were expected and respected, we decided to depict the art of being a gentleman in this painting using charcoals. Many of us have probably seen some old black and white photos whether from the war days or even old news events. One thing that always stands out is the subjects ability to always look their best. As such, a gentleman dresses appropriately, has good posture, clean cut hair and gives a strong presence. All of these characteristics of a gentleman we have captured in our painting and we think he has a real debonaire presence about him.

Where can I view this painting?

Currently on display at Modern Detail By Sarah Jane, Malvern  South Australia. If you are in Adelaide, contact us to make an appointment for a viewing. If intertstate or overseas please contact us to book a video call.

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152cm x 122cm x 3.6cm

Medium Used

Acrylic Paints on Stretched Canvas

Ready to Hang

Yes our paintings will come ready to hang with 2 D rings and a wire between them on the back


All our paintings are originals and will be stamped on the front with a signature on the back


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