2021 | POLLINATION III | Botanical Abstract Painting Bright Colours | (101cm x 101cm)


Lets bring those happy spring vibes inside your space with Pollination III. A Botancial Abstract Painting Bright Colours by Australian Artist Sarah Jane.  

  • 101cm x 101cm
  • with Oak floating frame 103cm x 103cm
  • Painted 2021 | Sold 2022
  • Colourful Botanical Abstract Artwork flowers plants bees
  • Blue  Pink  Coral  Yellow  Black   Hot Pink  Greeny-Blue
  • Acrylic Paints and on Stretched Canvas


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About Pollination III Botanical Abstract Painting Bright Colours

If your room is looking tired, lets jush it up with the happy energy that is Pollination III. The beautiful collaboration of colours will cause your retinas to dance with excitement from the peachy corals and chirpy yellow. It’s a painting that emits pure beauty.

The third of this collectors series, Pollination is all about the incredible life of bees. Moving from plant to plant and flower to flower you can follow their track as they move the pollen. A stunning botanical abstract painting that highlights the importance of pollination and the process of life.

This botanical abstract painting continues with the pollination theme showcasing abstract flowers and plants. However, unlike the previous editions an alterative colour palette has been used. Inspired by the beautiful flowers of spring I have used purple and pink colour tones ontop of a navy blue background to carry the happy energy. The pollen itself is enlarged in a pop of fluro pink circles moving around as it is transferred your friendly bee in yellow and black. You can follow the path of the bees with the dotted path.

Why paint about pollination though, well it is important for us all to appreciate the smaller things that amount to such important equations to us in life.  Without bees the world would be in big trouble. So lets appreciate and look after these hard working necessities of life.


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Additional information

Dimensions 101 × 3.6 × 101 cm

Hot Pink


101cm x 101cm x 3.6cm

with oak frame 103cm x 103cm x 5.5cm

Medium Used

Acrylics Paints on a stretched canvas

Ready to Hang

Yes our paintings will come ready to hang with 2 D rings and a wire between them on the back


All our paintings are originals and will be stamped on the front with a signature on the back


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