Sarah Jane 2017 Collection | LINEAR II – Line Art Painting 1920s woman (122cm x 91cm)

Sarah Jane Painting (Year 2017)

Linear II – SOLD

This is a stunning modern painting 1920s woman using white paint and charcoal. In keeping with the series a continual line is used to show the simple yet effective silhouette of a woman from the 1920’s. A very funky on trend painting. Currently on display at Modern Detail By Sarah Jane in Malvern South Australia. Contact us to make an appointment for a viewing.

woman; charcoal

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Size: 91cm x 122cm                   

Weight: 2.2kg                              

An amazing handpainted canvas in white acrylic paint and charcoal that is ready to hang on your wall.

The painting has been lightly sealed to assist in the prevention of the charcoal smudging.


Please note the pictures provided are for design purposes only and are not to scale. We recommend you measure out the product size to ensure it will fit your space appropriately.


Please be aware that all canvases are made from timber and being a natural product have a tendency to be imperfect.  Therefore if you are installing your “Sarah Jane” artwork directly onto a wall yourself  we suggest using 3mm command wall strips in addition to your hanging fixtures to assist in keeping the artwork flush to the wall. We also recommend including installation within your purchase so we can ensure your artwork looks its best.


These images are protected by copyright. A sale of the item doesn’t mean that the copyright has been handed over to you. These images can’t be copied, distributed (scanned and sent) or publicly displayed (online or anywhere), or created derived works from these images without prior permission from Modern Detail by Sarah Jane. Copyright violations may be punishable as criminal offenses with heavy penalties.


The Artists logo will feature on the front of the canvas

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