Breast Cancer Awareness Artwork | Helping the McGrath Foundation

One of the most gratifying aspects of being an Artist, is the ability my work has to make a difference in peoples lives.  Art provides a fantastic avenue to speak volumes and subsequently raise awareness!  For that reason, I am helping the McGrath Foundation with a soulful breast cancer awareness artwork.  20% of profits from the sale of the original painting Silhouette and Silhouette I and Ia fine art prints will be donated to The McGrath Foundation.

But why create a breast cancer awareness artwork? 

Well did you know that 1 in 8 women in Australia will be diagnosed with breast cancer in their lifetime.  That could be you, me, your sister, your daughter, your mother.

For me personally it was a friend and sadly, it was not just one.  I’ve had numerous friends in their 40s, diagnosed with breast cancer.  When its someone you know, it really hits home. 

I felt so helpless seeing my friends go through the harrowing physical and emotional journey.  Witnessing the ups and downs, I knew I needed to channel that energy into something positive. I therefore drew on my visual expression to paint Silhouette showcasing a courageous womans strength during adversity. 

What is the message behind the Breast Cancer Awareness Artwork?

Silhouette is about an enduring spirit amongst adversity and is in recognition of all women who have experienced breast cancer. You are all incredible and this artwork celebrates you and your bravery, your determination despite that rollercoaster you are on. 

With this artwork I want you to know I stand by you all. So lets get the message out to other women to regularly check their breasts. Talk to your friends, open up conversations. Afterall early detection is key in this fight. From one woman to another, lets encourage each other to get checked!

Helping The McGrath Foundation

There are many important pink ribbon charities around the world doing an amazing job at contributing towards the well being of those with breast cancer. In Australia The McGrath Foundation is a charity that provides trained nurses to empower and support people with breast cancer and their families.

In helping the McGrath Foundation, I will be donating 20% of profits from the sale of the original painting and the Fine Art Prints Silhouette I and Ia.

I hope this striking modern artwork will move you, providing a beautiful visual to connect with whilst relaying an important message.

Lets support those woman with our love and get behind such a wonderful cause!