Sarah Jane Art highights the issue of Violence against women in Australia

Sarah Jane Art Highlights The Issue Of Domestic Violence in Australia For White Ribbon Day

One of the magnificent capabilities of Art is the ability it has to immediately tell a story, or in this case raise awareness. Sarah Jane’s Art piece “Hidden Truth” is doing just that with a financial pledge to a very important cause surrounding domestic violence and you too can help.

Every year on the 25th of November, our thoughts turn to White Ribbon Day. A day that was declared by the United Nations General Assembly to be an International Day for the elimination of violence against women.  A day that we wear a white ribbon as a symbol and oath swearing never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women.

At Modern Detail By Sarah Jane, we are passionate about creating a kinder world and are therefore committed to many causes. However eliminating violence against women is a topic that resonates strongly after discovering this issue right at my doorstep with the chilling truth that a friend had been hiding physical violence against them by their partner. In this case the horrible truth had been exposed, the silence broken and action could be taken, however others are not so lucky and still conceal the truth and remain in situations of harm.

This experience for me last year was a big wake up call to just how large a problem domestic violence is in our country, that it is not limited to any part of society that people can hide their scars no matter what their background.  This is what inspired me to paint “Hidden Truth,” it was time for Sarah Jane Art to highlight the issue of domestic violence in Australia and raise awareness with a big statement painting standing 203cm tall and 126cm wide.  Block colours were used in bright formats to highlight the hope of change whilst the actual image of a beaten face encompassed the entire canvas. Navy paint was used to cover the mouth in an act of silence depicting the reality that many victims are never heard.

Although we hope the image alone will spark conversation amongst people to raise awareness, we are aware these charities also need our financial assistance to create change. So we are pledging to support  White Ribbon Australia with a financial donation of 20% of the sale price from a glass print or Fine Art Print of “Hidden Truth I” and 10% of the sale price of the original painting (now sold) from today onwards to forever help those suffering.

It’s clear we have a problem in our country and although more is being done to open the lines of communication and discuss this controversial topic it seems there are still many unreported cases where the truth is hidden. If you are in need of help please reach out to Lifeline or White Ribbon Australia or The Government Agencies for assistance.

Sarah Jane Painting of a colourful face - Hidden Truth
Sarah Jane Painting of a colourful face – Hidden Truth
Glass Print By Artist Sarah Jane of Hidden Truth I
Glass Print By Artist Sarah Jane of Hidden Truth I