make a happy home with colourful abstract figurative art

Make a Happy Home with Colourful Abstract Figurative Art

With more people spending time in their homes, creating a happy home is more important than ever. You too can achieve this with colourful abstract figurative art.

The colour scheme you select in your home plays a significant part in the way your home feels. Simply put, colour creates mood. Therefore creating a happy home requires the right artwork.

Colourful Abstract Figurative Art is a fantastic avenue to achieve this goal of a happy home. How you may ask? Well firstly, there is an array of colour that exudes positivity. Hues that bring about beautiful streams of playfulness that give a light, care free energy. Secondly, the contemporary nature of Colourful Abstract Figurative Art gives us a feeling of looking to the future. This lends itself to providing a sense of hopefulness. But the positive tones don’t stop there. In fact the figurative aspect of an artwork allows us to feel connected to the imagery. It reminds us of our own lives and who we are.

My Bodyline Bold Series is a beautiful example of colourful abstract figurative art. Coming off the success of the Bodyline series in 2018, in late 2020 I discovered a shift in peoples desires. With the doom and gloom of covid it became apparent that our external environment had really affected peoples mental health. The only thing we were able to control was our internal environment within our homes. Thus in late 2020 Bodyline Bold was born as a sister series to the collectors edition, Bodyline. The concept was to create a more playful, fun contemporary figurative series. A series that was energetic and used different hues of colour that was stylish in nature.

australian artist sarah jane adds ew collection bodyline bold
Bodyline Bold Collectors Series Editions I, II and III

Now a collectors edition in its own right, the series currently has 8 editions. It mirrors the Bodyline Series with its story of the human soul, a beautiful depiction of our lives in a modern format. Charcoals outline the abstract body, that encompass beautiful textures of mixed media. This allows you to then focus on the pop of colour.

These more energising pieces provide not only a beautiful visual affect but you can immediately feel their happy allure. A beautiful story about connection with others and oneself and a must consideration for the art collector and art lover.

Your story may be in the series, if not I’d love to create and connect you with a piece that mirrors your life. So feel free to get in touch.

Please take me to the Bodyline Bold Collection.

Please take me to the Bodyline Collection

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