Fall in Love with the Bodyline Series – Modern Figurative Art

Can you fall in love with Modern Figurative Art? Absolutely! In fact, I created my Bodyline Series so that your heart could fall in love all over again.

So if you haven’t really thought about adding Modern Figurative Art to your collection, now is the time. It’s the perfect blend of the modern family, providing a humanised story in a contemporary format. It encompasses all that is figurative with its beautiful impression of the human body and soul.

My bodyline series is a gentle tale of this modern figurative art. It’s all about people, about you and me, our life stories. It entails both our challenging times and our absolute triumphs.

modern figurative art collection - bodyline by Sarah Jane Artist
Sarah Jane with her Bodyline Series No VI, VII and VIII

You may notice couples feature prominently in my Bodyline Series. That is because I am a complete fool for love. Yes I am a hopeless romantic. I get the warm and fuzzies in my heart when I see couples come together. Although many editions are couples, the effortless love created in the series extends to family, friends and ones self. We are often told we bring into our life what we surround ourselves with. So this beautiful collection allows for a warm loving home that we all aspire to. Its a reminder everyday of what we have, who we are and how far we have come.

Creating the beautiful Bodyline Series came about very naturally. It was a toned down idea of my 2017 Linear Series. In that series I discovered a love for not only charcoals, but figurative art which I knew I wanted to continue. So in 2018 I created my next new series, Bodyline. Forgoing the detail of the previous series I embraced a more abstract approach with my charcoal body lines. A more loose interpretation of the body. Filling the central format with pleasing but calm colour tones steering away from the classic black and white of the Linear Series. Now 4 years on, my Bodyline series has become a signature of my work.

My Bodyline Series is all about adding a layer of softness, adding a layer of comfort, a gentle touch of love to your space. With a common colour palette throughout the series you will fall in love with the dreamy blues and powdery greys. They provide a masculine edge that is balanced amongst the more delicate feminine colours. Lively coral, playful pink and neutral taupe add that feminine warmth, charm and acceptance.

Bodyline IV on wall of Contemporary Dining Room
Bodyline XV on wall of Contemporary Living Room

The Bodyline Series which has extended through to 2022 is currently at number fifteen or XV. A beautiful story about connection with others and oneself and a must consideration for the art collector and art lover.

Your story may be in the series, if not I’d love to create and connect you with a piece that mirrors your life. So feel free to get in touch.

Please take me to the Bodyline Collection

Please take me to the Bodyline Bold Collection. A sister series with a more energetic pop of colour