colourful abstract art reengage series by sarah jane

Colourful Abstract Art – Reengage Series By Sarah Jane

My reengage series featuring colourful abstract art has been inspired by the unusual year that is 2020.

The freedoms we all once had has been replaced by restrictions. As these restrictions lift however in Australia, we see a buzz of energy amongst people, pure excitement. This energy and excitement is what this series is all about.

To capture the energy of reengaging back into the lifestyle we all knew we have used an array of colours with random chaotic strokes. None us know the direction we really want to go we want it all at once.

The reengage series consists of 5 paintings. The first two of the series are the same size and contain more white as a warning to try calm our excitement as at anytime restrictions could be reenforced. Paintings 3 to 5 of the series are a much smaller format painting and have all been framed creating a more traditional look.

This paintings series would be a fabulous addition to a living room. They not only provide a beautification from a visual aspect but provide a lift in energy with the burst of colours. A lovely combination all together but also having enough impact to carry a room alone.

A reminder to all of us to never again take our liberties for granted and to appreciate our freedoms.

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