helping adelaide koala rescue with artwork by sarah jane

Helping Adelaide Koala Rescue with Artwork

We are helping Adelaide Koala Rescue with our our artwork in 2020 and reminding people that those affected by the bushfires of late 2019 and early 2020, still need our help.

With the attention of the world now turning to covid 19 and the health pandemic that is following, we reflect on what a hard and devastating year it has been for so many not just for humanity but also for our wildlife with the bushfires than burnt out of control for months throughout our country, Australia

We have used our artwork to remember the bushfires and inparticular we have highlighted the impact it has had on our wildlife inparticular Koalas. So many of the rescue organisations RSPCA and WIRES to name a few have been outstanding, doing all they can to rescue as many injured animals as possile and help them to safety and recovery.

With sadly over 1 billion animals perishing in the bushfires throughout Australia we want to help raise funds also for our beautiful animals. What better way that to use the medium of art. So we are helping Adelaide Koala Rescue by donating 20% of all profits from this kids painting series to help.

Using ash as the medium for the Koalas body we remind ourselves to learn from the lessons of the bushfires to help future protect our beautiful wildlife  

This modern artwork By Australian Artist Sarah Jane is a beautiful depiction of our Australian Wildlife. Clinging on to a tree a simplistic form of a koala is seen with a charcoal outline of its body amongst a background of earthy toned watercolours.

We hope this may help these beautiful animals recover and reestablish themselves after the devastating Bushfires in Australia which includes our hometown of the Adelaide Hills and Kangaroo Island.