How do I install my canvas or framed print?

We do recommend using a licensed tradesperson to install your artwork, however if you are handy with the tools you may wish to install fixtures and then hang the artwork yourself.

If you do decide on the latter, Modern Detail By Sarah Jane has provided a few videos within our blog for guidance for different hanging fixtures.

Now I’m sure you’re anxious to get your artwork on the wall given “every home needs a Sarah Jane” but….there are a few steps you need to take first as the right hanging fixture needs to be used.

  1. Find out the weight of the product to be hung
  2. Determine the construction type of the wall the art is to be hung on
  3. Determine if you want fixtures to be visible or hidden

Once the above has been determined you can purchase the correct hanging fixtures for the job.


One of the best systems for hanging your Sarah Jane artwork is a gallery track system. Your Licensed tradesperson will be able to supply this for you, otherwise it is as simple as popping into your local hardware store. The beauty of a track system is it not only gives you the effect of an art gallery, but it gives you flexibility. Artwork can be easily changed over for those that like to change things up regularly and it has the benefit of being able to reposition artwork quickly and easily up, down, sideways just by moving the wires and adjusting the spring based hook. This makes it easy to get artwork level with other pieces. The other benefit is that it holds a fair amount of weight for those heavier pieces and for those landscape pieces the gallery tracks can be joined to create a longer track. The tracks can be affixed under cornice for a neat tidy look but if you don’t like the look of wires hanging down from it then this hanging system is not for you


If you’re a person who likes clean lines then it may be best to use a fixture that is hidden behind the Sarah Jane artwork. So you need to assess what wall construction you have. Typically it will be either a masonry construction (ie solid being brick, concrete, stone) OR lightweight (ie timber or metal framework with a gyprock cladding)

Your hardware store will sell a range of picture hanging kits specifically designed for your wall type whether it be masonry or gyprock/plasterboard and the kits should also give a gage as to the weight the picture hanging kit will hold.  If you have any concerns ask for advice within your hardware store. As a guide click on this link.

For a lightweight wall Ramset have a product called wallmate. Typically these are white in colour (Nylon)and are screwed straight into the gyprock using a phillips head screwdriver or drill.  You will need to ensure there is no timber frame where you screw in however so ensure you use a stud finder on your wall first. If you are unsure about where your studs are, you can purchase a wall mate that is metal in colour and this can be screwed straight into studwork or gyprock. Once the wallmate is screwed in flush to the wall place the hook over the hole of the wallmate and then affix this in place using the screw supplied in your kit. Then just hang your Sarah Jane. Again in choosing your wallmate, ensure you buy a kit for the correct weight.

If you artwork is on the heavier side you can purchase a small plate to affix to the wall. Zenith have a surehook that holds a range of weights. You use the same principal as above but instead of screwing the hook into the wall plugs you screw the plate in. The plate will have 2 holes. Mark those out on the wall screw in your wall plugs. Place the plate on top of the holes where wallmates are and screw it into the wall. Different size plates can be used for different weight loads.

For a masonry construction the same principal is used here as with gyprock. A wall plug is required. Again you need to buy a kit for masonry and for the correct weight.The only difference is you will need to drill a hole into the wall a few millimetres longer than the plug, tap the plug in with a hammer, put the hook over the hole and then again screw it into the plug.


If you don’t want any plugs in your wall and you have a canvas that isn’t too heavy you may wish to use  3mm command removable hooks. These however do not hold much weight so ensure you follow the guidelines and instructions

Another option available that doesn’t require fixing into a wall is using a picture hanger that is designed to be used on a picture rail. Some of the older houses in Australia from the Cottage and Villa periods had picture rails installed in most rooms. Bunnings sell a picture rail hook with the option of wire or no wire depending on the height you wish to hang your artwork from. The only limitation is they only hold 8kgs but they are a great solution for a removable fixture with no damage and they add to the character of the home.

No matter what system you buy always follow the manufacturers instructions, check the weights and ensure there are no utility services before screwing into any wall.

Once you have hung your artwork you can sit back and enjoy your Sarah Jane and see what story unfolds for you.