Gallery Track to hang Artwork - By Sarah Jane

How to Install A Gallery Track To Hang Your Artwork

A great way to hang artwork is to use a gallery track system. They not only have the capability of being able to hold larger pieces of art but have the flexibility of being able to change the position of the artwork up, down, left, right, easily and seamlessly with a quick adjustment of the wire and toggle hook. This makes it perfect for restaurants and cafes that regularly display artists work, but there is no reason why you can’t use the gallery track in your home.

Gallery Track to hang Artwork - By Sarah Jane

So today I’m going to show you how to install a gallery track to hang your artwork. A gallery track is a little more expensive that your regular screw, plug and hook method, but well worth the investment as it gives the flexibility of putting new pieces up without being limited to the placement of old fixtures, plus it has the added bonus of giving a very trendy art gallery vibe.


I purchased this art gallery track system from Bunnings. About $30 will get you a 2 metre length, however you can purchase multiple tracks and install side by side if you require a longer system.  You will need to purchase the additional wires and toggles for the track brand you use and note their weight limitations.

Always follow the instructions on the track you purchase and ensure you know the type of wall construction you have before starting a project. Our wall is a plasterboard wall with timber stud frame so the video is based on this type of installation following the instructions of the product we purchased. Oh and always use caution when drilling into walls as there may be utility services in the wall so please switch off any electricity.

Okay lets get started!

And the end result…….

Best way to hang a painting is with a with a gallery track - Artist Sarah Jane shows you how