New Interior Styling Trends - Glass Art Prints from Modern Detail By Sarah Jane

New Interior Styling Trends For Interior Designers and Home Decor Enthusiasts – Glass Art Prints

Aussies, we love our homes and unlike other cultures who are quite happy renting their entire lives, we have an Australian Dream that incorporates Home Ownership.

With this dream of bricks and mortar comes a strong sense of pride, pride not only from achieving our goal when we first plunge into the property market, but pride in the way our home is presented as it carries a strong sense of identity as to who we are as individuals. Our homes become a canvas and we use home décor and interior styling trends to showcase this.

New Interior Styling Trend for Interior Designers - Modern Detail By Sarah JaneWith the use of todays online platforms like Instagram, Houzz and Pinterest, we are able to follow new interior styling trends in the design industry and new trends in home décor making it easier to design and decorate our homes. However despite many of us understanding our own style whether that be industrial, vintage, traditional or modern some of us are unable to visualise a finished home or match furnishings and products together. So if you can afford it, an interior designer is a great professional to turn to in achieving your dream home. They have the knowledge and experience to facilitate the best furnishings and design for your style with the added bonus of having contacts to source many products.

Glass Art is a new trend for interior stylingNow if your style is Modern and Your Interior Designer has not yet recommended a Sarah Jane Artwork for your home as part of your decor, they may not quite be up with the latest trend in modern interior decoration which is, Glass Prints. Effectively this is an Art Print on Glass. So if you are after a real impact in your home this is the perfect solution.

Although we offer Original Paintings and Framed Prints which are traditional art forms, our specialty and love is for all things modern so the Prints on Glass are our signature pieces. It is easy to see how Interior Designers are providing the wow factor to their clients with this new product line from Modern Detail By Sarah Jane. Sarah Jane Prints on Glass are sleek, minimalistic, reflective and translate clean lines for a modern home providing the perfect final piece to the home decoration puzzle.