Colourful Painting By Sarah Jane - Hidden Truth

Sarah Jane Shows How Block Colours Can Send A Powerful Message in Art

Block colours, something I have always been very fond of as it captures the eye and provides an immediate impact. But what is block colour? Well essentially it is a solid colour next to a solid colour that it is typically on the opposite spectrum of the colour wheel chart.

With the influx of renovation TV shows like “The Block” and the onset of new fashion labels, designers of all facets tend to use block colours to send a powerful message and I, Sarah Jane am no exception, I have used block colours often in my artwork for this exact reason.

One of my favourite Sarah Jane Art pieces is “Hidden Truth” which is a spectacular example of this format. Although this piece tells a powerful story via the image, it is accentuated by the use this format. It helps to show the strength of the painting and therefore the message behind it. You can find out more about this piece on my previous blog.

You can see “Hidden Truth” along with paintings from other artists in relation to block colours in the recent Bluethumb Article about block colours in which Modern Detail By Sarah Jane was the feature artwork.

The original painting has sold however you can still purchase a small framed print or glass print of Hidden Truth I.